This section is an introduction to studying with HOSPA. Here you will find introductory resources such as learner guides, timetables, study skills and introductory exercises. If you are just beginning your studies with HOSPA, please visit this section first and work your way through the sections. If you are a current student, re-visit this section for guides and re-fresher activities.

This area provides guidance for exams and revision. Including exam information, venue information and revision questions and answers. This area is also for those re-sitting exams.

Stage 1 of the HOSPA Education and Training Programme in Financial Management introduces the learner to the accounting frameworks and concepts that govern financial accounting. On completion learners will be able to prepare a balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss account from accounting data.

Stage 2 of the HOSPA Education and Training Programme in Financial Management is concerned with the management accounting techniques used daily in your business including, pricing, budgeting and breakeven analysis.

This is the final stage of the HOSPA Education and Training Programme in Financial Management. Learners studying this stage will explore how to fund a business, how to prepare feasibility studies including capital investment appraisals, how to review performance with a range of ratios and how to manage working capital.

This section is for students completing the Learning Plan. Here you will find various resources to help you complete it. The learning plan should be completed as you go through the course and the final submission is required three months after the completion of Stage 3.